Taking the plunge: inspiration for a new school year

Where has July gone!?!  While many us school librarians still have a few more precious weeks to enjoy some sun and fun, the school year is certainly right around the corner.

I find that I need to ease back into a new year instead of going full speed ahead on the first day of back-to-school teacher meetings. It’s not unlike dipping my toes into a cold pool before jumping straight in. The time will come for to-do lists and major back-to-school projects, but what I need before I take the plunge is a chance to get excited and capture a vision for what my new school year will look like. Just small investment of time in planning and setting a creative vision really pays off for me, especially if I’m feeling at all reluctant to head back into the stress of a new year. 

If you can relate, here’s a list of ideas and actions that might help you get inspired and in the mood to get back into the library! Each idea ideally takes an hour or less but could have an impact that will last you all school year. 

  1. Browse blogs and Pinterest for some visual inspiration for displays and ideas for new programs and lessons.
  2. Catch up on a back issue of a library publication like School Library Journal.
  3. Meet for lunch, coffee or drinks with an encouraging and supportive colleague or mentor.
  4. Make a list of three words that capture your vision and intention for the upcoming year. 
  5. Visit your library, sit in the space for an hour, and try to see it and use it from the perspective of a student or staff member. Write your initial gut reactions and impressions down, and then revisit the list later to make at least one meaningful change.
  6. Take or find a picture that captures one thing you love about summer that you can connect to your library work and incorporate into your vision for next year.

How do you get emotionally and mentally prepared for a new school year? Let us know!

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