IMG_20141231_132038-2Andrea Sowers is the Teen Services Librarian at the Joliet Public Library, and the fire-starter behind Teen Services Underground. Graduating from Indiana University in 2008, she is an active member of YALSA and has served on several committees such as Fabulous Films for Young Adults (2011 – 2013) and Great Graphic Novels for Teens (2014 & 2015).  When her teens aren’t obsessively challenging her to a game of Trivia Crack, she can be found knitting, playing games (board and video), or planning her next tattoo. You can find more about her on Twitter (@BookDrea) or her blog (


ProfilePhotoDustan Archer is a Young Adult Librarian at the Gretna Public Library in Gretna, Nebraska.  Dustan is finishing up his MLIS at the University of Missouri – Columbia in Summer 2016 and hopes to find another YA Librarian position in Texas soon after.  Why Texas, you ask?  His wife made it abundantly clear when they dated that she was moving back one way or the other, so Texas it is!  Prior to finding his home away from home in the teen section of a library, Dustan worked as a Child Protective Services case manager, a correctional officer, and as a homeless veterans’ housing care manager.  Dustan has always had a passion for working with youth and at-risk teens and found that libraries can be a great way for teens to get involved in their community and find their own passions in life.  If Dustan isn’t busy with a new teen fiction book, he’s often found crafting strategies for board/card/video games and making art out of Perler beads.  You can contact Dustan through Twitter (@Archer_EmTech) or his website (

AliciaBlowersAlicia Blowers is the middle school librarian at St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School in Alexandria, VA. Don’t let her current location fool you, though, because she is a Jersey Girl through and through. She earned her MLIS for Rutgers University in 2008. An active member of YALSA, Alicia has served on the 2014 Best Fiction for Young Adults committee and the 2015 Margaret A. Edwards Award committee. She also serves on the board of Capitol Choices. Find her on twitter @aliciablowers and every once in a while on her blog The LibrariYAn. If she can’t be found in either of those places, she’s probably walking her dog, curled up with a good book, and/or eating cheese.


Casey Chwiecko is the Young Adult librarian for the Lucius Beebe Memorial Library in Wakefield, MA. She earned her MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh in 2010 and fell into Young Adult services by volunteering with teens in a library while job searching. She found that it was a surprisingly fun group of patrons and decided that was really the group she wanted to work with. She’s just started at the Beebe library and is working on growing a program and collection after the teens went unrepresented for a few months. Outside of work and libraries, she likes to write, steal her brother’s dog, does such geeky things as run a Star Wars tumblr and cook. You can find her on twitter at @niee87.

8e97bdf50c9e3f5a6fab4785ae4897e8Christie Gibrich found that aerospace engineering was not the right career path for her, and has been happily working with teens and tweens since 2001. She’s been on several committees, written numerous articles, and has spoken at state and national conferences on both QUILTBAG and comic/geek topics. Her pathway to geekdom and fangirl was basically predetermined having grown up surrounded by computers and sci-fi, and she now happily enjoys the worlds of comics, SuperWhoLock, Disnerds, midnight releases, and passionate debates over originals vs reboots. She’s also recently relocated to the Orlando area, and exploring Florida while writing. She blogs at A Geek in Librarian’s Clothing. She tweets at @mz_christie and dabbles on Instagram and Tumblr.

Pamela Penza is a librarian in North Carolina. She studied French at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and taught overseas before realizing that a little more freedom and fun was necessary.  After graduating from UWM’s SOIS in 2012, she hoped to land a cataloging job but fell into an open position at her home library in Youth Services.  Surprisingly, working with kids–especially teens–was more fulfilling than anything. She loves creating fandom programs and geeking out with the teens. She isfinishing a term on the 2016-17 Teens’ Top Ten Committee. You can find Pam on Twitter (@Pamelibrariland) and on her blog, (


Whitney Winn is a Teen Services Librarian at the King County Library System near Seattle, WA. She earned her MLIS from UCLA in 2008 and has been working as a full-fledged librarian since 2013 after a detour to higher education administration. To keep up her library skills, she has been involved with YALSA on several committees, including the 2016 Best Fiction for Young Adults committee. Besides libraries and books, she dabbles in various crafts including quilting and embroidery, plays board games, and spends too much time on Tumblr ( and You can also find her on Twitter (@whitneywinn) and on her blog (


Molly Garlick is Head of Youth Services/Assistant Director at a public library in Central MA. She has an MFA in Writing for Children from Simmons College and 15 years of library experience, the majority as a Youth Services Librarian. She does programs for all ages, but right now mostly for babies and tweens & teens. Her pastimes include running around the house with her 2 year old and 2 large dogs, drinking lots of coffee, pinning obsessively on Pinterest, and reading YA & Middle Grade novels. You can also find Molly on twitter (@library_chickie) and on her blog (