Actual #MondayMotivation That Doesn’t Make You Stabby

Seen the hashtag #MondayMotivation floating around on Twitter?  Laughed in its face?

Yeah, me too.

But sometimes, we do need something to pep us up.  It might not be on a Monday–it might be the midweek slump.  Or something really wild has just gone down at work and everyone’s cranky.  Do you pull out all of the self-help books and have an adult storytime?

Well, I suppose you could.  But I would recommend a dance party.

It doesn’t have to be long.  It doesn’t have to be planned–in fact, the more spontaneous, the better.  But whenever my coworkers are feeling particularly “meh” about work and life and the universe and everything, dancing it all out seems to help a lot.

Last winter, I was thinking about using Pharrell’s song “Happy” in one of my storytimes, especially because there’s a lot of clapping involved.  I played it at top volume and suddenly everyone in the office was dancing.  One coworker thanked me afterward and said she needed that.


So now, any time people seem mopey, cranky, or just plain frustrated, I put on some music and we dance.  Usually this is before we open, but patrons have certainly walked past the youth services office to see us all jamming out to “Shut Up and Dance” or “Uptown Funk.”  I also highly recommend swing music of any type.

Have fun, and happy Monday!  Now shut up and dance with me!

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