And We’re Live!

Welcome to Teen Services Underground! Today is our official launch and we thought we’d tell you a little bit about ourselves and what we have planned.

Who are you?
We are a group of librarians that work with teens in some capacity. We come from all over the country and from various sized libraries that give us each an unique insight into teen services. We know that no two communities are exactly alike, but hope that our various skills and knowledge will help others build a stronger teen community at their library.

What is the goal?
Our mission is to support, promote, advocate, and build a community space to highlight the importance of teen services in minding the gap. We know how hard teen services can be and we want to help! While we’ll talk big picture our goal is to focus more on the smaller day-to-day challenges that teen services faces.

What does minding the gap mean?
Between the storytimers and the taxpayers lies the teenage gap. It’s gap in age, a gap in service, a gap in understanding. We feel that libraries often focus on early literacy and how to serve the adults but overlook how to serve teens. Teens fall in that gap where it’s hard to make people see their worth even though they are vital to libraries present and future. After all, babies grow up to be teens who will be our future tax payers. Every patron should have equal importance. That’s why teen services is so important in minding that gap and keeping lifelong library users.

What will you post?
Our posts will cover a wide range of topics from reader’s advisory to programming to advocacy. There will also be a monthly challenge that will encourage you to do tasks or have conversations both on and offline. Of course, we would love to hear what you would love for us to cover. We’ve got a survey/suggestion box that will always be open.

Aren’t there other sites that already do this?
Yes, but we believe we’ll be able to bring new things to the table as well. We aren’t seeking to be a replacement but another resource that you can add to your arsenal. Teen services is a big world and we feel the more voices the better!

Is there anything I can do to help?
Yes! We’d love to hear about any suggestions for posts/series you’d like to see. Also, we’re looking for help with our Ask a Teen Services Agent feature; please feel free to ask questions or volunteer to be an agent.

If there is any other burning question you have that is not asked here, please don’t hesitate to ask! Our comment box and email is always open!

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