Ask an Agent: Cool Book Displays

askanagent2You’ve got questions,  we’ve got answers! Our volunteer Agents are on the job! Here’s what they have to say this week….

Question:  I’m looking for some fresh ideas for book displays, what are some you have done?




Paige (Lethbridge Public Library) says:

Colour displays have been really popular at my library – and super easy to stock, as you just have to grab whatever you can find within a certain colourway.  (RED any good books lately?  Beat the BLUES with these new books.  ORANGE you glad you can read? etc)

I’ve also used the Grrr Argh monster from the Buffy credits for monster/zombie/vampire displays.  The few teens who recognize it really like it.

And these speech bubble sticky notes ( are so much fun to use.  I used them for Freedom To Read Week, with the cover characters “saying” what their book was challenged for.  I’ve also used them to introduce characters (“Hi, I’m ____!”) with any book covers that have faces on them.  Cute and easy.

Andrea (TSU) says:

Blind date with a book is always our biggest hit. Saddly, I lost my book display area due to redesign, but here are some cool ones that we’ve done in the past.

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Alice (TSU) says:

I did a real nutty one where a variety of books were on the display and coded by “mood”. I also had an Arduino Moodball I built for a program on the display so that teens could put their hand on it, determine their mood, and maybe pick out a book with the matching mood color. Obviously, the moodball is a whole other monster — but you could always buy a cheapy mood ring and have teens try it on to determine their mood!


I also did a fandom one that was fun! I had lots of fandom go-tos like Dean Winchester or Hermione Granger “select” books for the display. They were kind of snarky sometimes, like Dean’s pick was for a pie cookbook. I also attached little blurbs with their faces on it saying why they recommended it. “Dean says: Love me some pie!”

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