Ask An Agent: Escape the Room?

askanagent2You’ve got questions,  we’ve got answers! Our volunteer Agents are on the job! Here’s what they have to say this week….

Question:  Have any of you ever done an escape room program? How did you do it?




Courtney (MO River Regional Library) says: 

Yes! We just did our second round of escape rooms for teens (and we did one for adults too!). We used BreakoutEdu. You either buy a box from them with all the supplies or use the open-source list they provide and then pick the game that works for your group. It’s worked really well for us.

Kelsey (Burnham Memorial Library) says: 

We used a BreakoutEDU box and have had 2 teen, 3 adult, and 1 staff development games already. I know the box is pricey, but that works out to less than $20 a program so far and we’re going to do more of them! I love that the box makes it easy–I’m a scatterbrain. Trying to find all of the locks and learn how they work and figure out the entire set up would be a nightmare for someone like me without clear instructions for each step. Each game even has a video with the game creator showing how to do each thing needed to run the game. I like making props, so it was easy enough to enhance the box contents for each game, but everything works perfectly well without doing that so it can be as low maintenance as you like. The teens love it, and they are begging me for the next one!

Rebecca (Palos Heights Public Library) says:

I planned and hosted a teen escape room before I learned how detailed most escape rooms can be! The goal for the kids was to find a hidden password to give to another staff person in order to save all of our online library records and standing orders for new books. I thought of it as a map that would lead to the password and plotted various clues to help them along.

{“Little jack horner sat in 4 ——-” and looked up}  was a clue and when 1 of the kids was sitting in a corner and looked up, she found a clue hidden under a cabinet. Each clue moves them along to the next, so they could find a key to a lock box you have in the room as well. The only things I purchased was a fishing tackle box and 2 locks with keys, and 1 combination lock.

My group really enjoyed it and I plan on doing it again for National Teen Lock In in July.