Ask an Agent: How Do You Get the Word Out about Teen Services?

askanagent2You’ve got questions,  we’ve got answers! Our volunteer Agents are on the job! Here’s what they have to say this week….

Question: Outreach: who are your best partners for programming, reaching teens and/or educating the public about teen services?


Kelsey (Burnham Memorial Library) says:

Our local church youth group is amazeballs about getting the word out–those parents are some of the most well-connected people I’ve ever met. Also, our chapter of National Honor Society tends to send me a bunch of teens for community service projects, and while they’re here they get a casual run-down of all the programming we currently offer while I try to pick their brains. We’re a rather small-ish community, so the local paper is a great place to post and they’re really kind about letting us have the space whenever we need it. Rural programming partners are a bit harder to find, but we’ve done things with the local bicycle shop, 4-H, and a local goat farmer. Just by regularly engaging in friendly conversation with adult patrons we find out which ones own interesting businesses around town and get the feel for what they can and are willing to share.

Andrea (TSU) says:

I focus a lot on schools and social media. Most of my middle schools have a community board that they can put fliers and info on. Also, I try to do in person visits to hype them up as well. In our community, the city send out a newsletter that we get space in as well. We’ve noticed a lot of interest/calls when that is sent out. A lot of it is just trial and error as you figure you what your community pays attention to and what they don’t. I’ll be honest, that word of mouth is probably the biggest way my teens learn. Either one of my regulars has brought someone or they’re telling others about it.

Thanks to our volunteer agents for the awesome answers. If you have a question about anything teen services related ask it here! Your question will be featured on the blog with answers from our agent volunteers or TSU team members. If you’d liked to be a volunteer agent, please submit your info here.

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