Ask An Agent: How Do You Manage Gaming Equipment?

askanagent2You’ve got questions,  we’ve got answers! Our volunteer Agents are on the job! Here’s what they have to say this week….

Question:  We’re about to open up a Central Library in a large city and our Teen Space will have an extensive video gaming area (which I’ve been put in charge of ordering equipment and games for). Unfortunately, our desk (for the time being) will not be within eyesight of the gaming area. To add to the difficulties, there will be an exit/entrance right next to the gaming area. All of that said, how do all of you ensure your gaming accessories (consoles, controllers, games, etc.) don’t grow legs and walk off, and how do you all manage large crowds of teens when space and controllers are limited?

 Paige (Lethbridge Public Library) says:

We have two video game consoles set up in our teen zone, which is away at the back of our branch.  (WiiU, Playstation, Xbox) That works well for noise and teens’ privacy, but it does mean we don’t have direct eye contact with the space.  People can sign out the controllers from our front desk with their library cards, and we’ve never had the wireless controllers stolen.  Our consoles are locked down in cabinets, but I’m looking at upgrading to the same design Halifax Public Library uses for theirs, as it allows gamers to have better access to the console, while still keeping it secure.  Their consoles are in clear cases on a solid shelf – the cases are made by clearPC, and work beautifully.

For time management, each gamer (or group of gamers) is guaranteed 30 minutes of play.  After that, if there’s someone else waiting, they have to take turns.

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