Ask An Agent: I need Teen Library Website help!

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Question: We’re looking into setting up a page on our library’s website specifically devoted to teens. Are there any libraries out there that have a really great teen page or any sites you would recommend checking out for inspiration? Also, are there any potential problems that we should keep in mind? Thanks!


Christie (Grand Prairie Library System) says:

Here are a couple of sites I like:

Some Problems I’ve run into
  • Getting by-in from management (it’s teens)
  • Getting IT to get it done
  • Getting someone to manage it in-house and getting IT to let someone manage it
  • Getting it updated
  • Getting teens TO it- really? a website? ick. Why? Do they use blogs?
  • Getting staff to be tech savvy- are your tech people up to date with what teens and patrons actually using (what’s a twitter? do we need an insophom?)

Jenni (South San Francisco Public Library) says:
This is our teen page (  It is functional, but not really that exciting.  I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is why you want to have the teen page / what kind of information you want to put on it.  Our library’s website is for informational purposes; promotion of programs, photos of past events, etc., are on our social media pages instead.

Natalie (Farmingdale Public Library) says:
I have links for Homework Help, College Prep, and our Shelfari page on the library’s website. I created a blog and Facebook page instead which I utilize often. The only thing I’d be wary of; if you are posting a YouTube video of a movie trailer, check the ads out first to make sure they are appropriate.

Faythe (Tulare County Library) says:
I built the the teen website ( serve as a reader’s advisory tool for teens and staff to use. It has links to the review page (which is used very little), summer reading program information, calendars, ebooks, and volunteering. Honestly, the main purpose of it is reader’s advisory. I try and update it every Tuesday, but I don’t stress if I can’t get to it.

Regina (Forest Park Public Library) says:
Our teen page is . I have tried three different versions of our teen site, first with blogger, then with wordpress, and now with Wix.  I think Wix was the best option because it’s easily customizable.  The trick to keeping it updated has been to use my other social media pages to filter into it.  So the Tumblr updates the blog page, the Pinterest and Facebook pages update the homepage.  It’s a hit or miss with the teens sometimes, but if I tell them they’re featured on it, or tell them the only way to get some information is through it, I get a few more hits.  I use the site to inform about the teen room, and the social media pages update about readers’ advisory, gaming, and pop culture.


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