Ask An Agent: Training Materials for TAB?

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Question:Hi all, I am working to develop some training materials on how to start a teen advisory board at branch locations within my system. I am sure there is a wealth of information here from experienced librarians. I’ve only had my TAB since Aug 14 and so far it is going so good, but I would love to hear any specific do’s or don’ts you wish someone had told you before you started your own TAB, or any tips that you might have that you think would be helpful to include.

Currently my TAB is an official volunteer role in the library and they do a variety of things. They assist with programs, assist with pulling books to be evaluated, assist with planning and developing teen programs, and assist with marketing in that they help provide important contact information to me for school contacts.

I am the Chair of our teen services committee for the Indy PL system and since I am the only librarian with a TAB in the system, I want to make sure as I create this material to share with other librarians in the system, I am covering as many bases as I can. I have an outline already, just wanting to add additional flavor and insights from some other experienced folks.


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