Ask An Agent: What Do You Feed Your Teens?

askanagent2You’ve got questions,  we’ve got answers! Our volunteer Agents are on the job! Here’s what they have to say this week….

Question: How do you recommend feeding and refreshing teens? What else besides soda in cans, popcorn…. Especially the soda part, it spills, oops, on carpet no less. Thank you for your time. I appreciate your thoughts.



Jan (Moline Public Library) says:

I have found juice pouches to work well. I’ve brought out the “Fruit Barrels” a few times, and kids love the retro aspect of them. These are nice in that they are self contained, but a little more expensive than 2 liters. I also mix it up and make lemonade from a mix sometimes. I usually have cookies and chips for my regular programs, but when I’ve had a little extra money granola bars have also been a big hit.

Jenni (South San Francisco Public Library) says:

We offer fresh fruit – I try to stick with grapes, apples, things that are easily consumed and don’t leave much mess. We also occasionally offer healthy granola bars or fruit leather. We never offer soda, and in fact I don’t usually offer any drinks at all. I tell kids to bring their own water bottles or to use the drinking fountain in the hallway. Most of them get involved enough in our activities to forget about the food, anyway.

Andrea (TSU Agent) says:

Mine varies by the club; for example, Book Club always gets ice cream! Teen Advisory group is another one that constantly gets food and I try to change it up there. I usually do a thing of chips, cookies, and then my teens ADORE juice boxes (Capri Suns). Sometimes I’ll mix it up by offering silly thing like fruit snacks as well. (Have I mentioned that my teens are just overgrown 5 year olds??) I usually try to offer some water bottles as well, but I that never gets as many takers as the juice boxes!

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