Ask the Agent: Instagram Help & Inspiration

askanagent2You’ve got questions,  we’ve got answers! Our volunteer Agents are on the job! Here’s what they have to say this week….

Question: I was thinking of starting an Instagram account for teen programs, news, etc at the library. But Instagram is a smartphone-only app. Should I do this with my own phone? How do other libraries manage their Instagram accounts? I am also curious about starting a photo contest or challenge through Instagram and I’m not sure how this would work. Any ideas or advice would be so helpful!

Jenni (South San Francisco Public Library) says:
Our library’s instagram is run through our iPads, which staff can check out to use at work. I’m pretty sure you only need an email address to set up an account, so you could ask to have a generic ([email protected] or whatever) account set up for this purpose, or you could use your work account. For example, I have a personal Facebook account that I use for myself, but I also have a Facebook login using my work email, and that’s the account I use to manage our library’s FB page.

Natalie (Farmingdale Public Library) says:
You can create an Instagram account and use your own phone. I started one, but never kept up with it. In regards to the challenge, you can make a flyer about it and have the teens tag your library’s account. I’ve seen other libraries do something like that.


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