Authors You Should Know: E.K. Johnston

In my opinion, there can never be enough dragon books for teens.  And E.K. Johnston’s debut novel, The Story of Owen, Dragon Slayer of Trondheimfilled a void.  This is not your average dragon book.


Think bards strumming lutes and singing songs of heroes are of ye olden dayes?  In Johnston’s alternate version of a world where dragons are commonplace, bards, dragon slayers, and business people exist side by side.  A talented young woman named Siobhan becomes the bard of Owen, a slightly-hopeless high school guy who comes from a long line of dragon slayers.  A sequel, Prairie Fire, follows the further adventures of Owen and Siobhan.


But don’t think she’s just restricted to Canada, eh!  In 2015, Johnston released a twist on The Arabian Nights, entitled A Thousand Nights, which you just have to read if you love fairy tale retellings.


I’m eagerly anticipating E.K. Johnston’s spring release, Exit, Pursued by A Bear, which involves cheerleaders, sexual assault, and a riff on The Winter’s Tale.  Also, that is one of my favorite stage directions ever.

Johnston’s fresh ideas and infusion of feminism are what YA needs right now.

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