Book Hedgies Invade Your Library!

captain america hedgie


Be honest.  This is adorable.

I’m not a Pinterest addict–honestly, most of the “EASY” crafts I’ve found on there have made me want to tear my hair out–but I find really fun visual inspiration.  As soon as I saw these Avengers hedgehogs, pictured in all their glory here, and on Robin Brenner’s tumblr here, I knew we had to do this at Fandom Frenzy, my monthly fandom program.

This dovetailed perfectly with adult services’ huge Avengers display to celebrate the release of Age of Ultron and the announcements of the approximately five billion new superhero movies in the works.  I asked one of our librarians if we could display the teens’ hedgehogs after the program.  I got a “Heck yes!  Can I come to your program, too?”

For the folding instructions, I used this super-awesome tutorial from the amazing Robin at Brookline Public Library.

And I made … THOR!


and … BLACK WIDOW (since Marvel didn’t see fit to include her in any toys or merchandise but that’s another post)



I’m just now realizing I kind of put her hair on her back.  Oops.

Book hedgies are super easy to make, as well as extremely economical.  All you need are:

  • an old book (preferably paperback, since you’ll cut the cover to fit under the body of the hedgehog)
  • googly eyes
  • access to markers
  • paper or duct tape for decorating

I made Thor’s helmet out of a cupcake liner and Mjolnir out of tinfoil and a toothpick.  If I’d had sugar cubes at hand, they would have made a perfect hammer base.

The books I used happened to have a dark border at the bottom of each page, so the hedgies got a nose naturally.  Otherwise, you can color in a nose with a black marker.

At the program, once I got the teens going on folding, it was just the rustle of paper … and lots of Doctor Who discussion … until it was decorating time.  They really wanted to make the hedgies juuuuust right.  One teen made Iron Man, and another made the Hulk.  My friend and coworker Shannon, who also attended the program, made the Matt Fraction Hawkeye, complete with busted-nose band-aid.

The great thing about book hedgehogs is that not only do they help you use up some weeded books, but you can adapt them to pretty much any fandom or program.

Edited to correct attribution for craft idea and tutorial.


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