Challenge Monday: March Wrap-Up

For TSU, March Madness didn’t have anything to do with basketball.  It was all about pop culture!  Yeah, baby, yeah!  (Outdated pop culture reference alert!)

Hmm, a bit outdated.
Hmm. Probably as old as your teens.

In Week One, we posed ten questions about how you incorporate pop culture into teen programming.  Having a case of the Mondays?  Click here for a refresher!

Overwhelmingly, responses came out in favor of pop culture programming!

Many teen librarians indicated that their programming, in some way, shape, or form, is specifically designed to take advantage of teens’ connection to pop culture.  This is particularly true of fandoms and fandom events.  Doctor Who, Supernatural, Harry Potter, and Divergent were mentioned as popular fandoms in many areas.

Week Two was a POV Discussion featuring TSU Agents talking about their experiences using pop culture as programming inspiration.

Teens can be cyclical when it comes to their latest obsessions, often circling back to well-known, comfy fandoms when the latest thing is no longer a secret but rather plastered all over every t-shirt at the mall.

Week Three featured YA Film Adaptations.

There was some great discussion about how films edit the source material.  One commenter pointed out that one YA adaptation, The Spectacular Now, was in fact rated R and didn’t sanitize the teen experience as many other adaptations have in the past in order to garner a PG-13 rating.

Since it was March, we had an extra week!  The awesome Alice Son helmed Week Four with a geektastic post about Fandom Programming.  We grokked this immensely.

Thanks so much for joining our discussion in March!  Remember, the big Comic Cons are revving up and teens are likely to be talking about wanting to attend!  Plus, SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) is a huge talking point because of all the celebrities in attendance and the tendency to make freakout-worthy announcements about favorite obsessions.

Next month we’ll be focusing on partnering with local schools!

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