Challenge Monday: May Wrap-Up

Happy Memorial Day to our American readers! Even though we have almost a week left of May, it’s our last Monday, so let’s wrap up our success and failures discussion.

Week One: We gave a list of 10 questions to see where you stand on measuring success and failure for your own program.

Week Two: Two of our Agents talked about their experiences learning how to accept ‘failure’ and what success and failure means to them.

Week Three: Our Agent, Drea, gave us a differently way to look at it. Maybe it’s not all about the number crunching, but the difference you’re making for each teen that walks through your doors or attends a program. She especially mentioned the 40 Developmental Assets for Teens as well as this great post on Teen Librarian Toolbox about using those assets in your program planning.

Elsewhere on the internet, a few others have tackled this topic. Over at Literacy in a Digital Age, one teen librarian talks about ways, beyond programming numbers, she’s made a difference. Teen Librarian Toolbox has tackled the topic from a couple angles and does here too, talking about the measure of program success.

Join us next month for a combo discussion on behavior management and having a teen-friendly culture at the library. We’ll also be asking you what you want as far as Challenge Mondays and the rest of what Teen Services Underground has to offer!

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