Challenge Monday: Measuring Success and Failure

This month, we’re going to focus on how to measure success and failure within our individual services. We know that everyone figures it a little differently, based on where you are located and what you can reasonably offer (budget constraints, etc.). Sometimes, we get a decree from on high on how we should measure, or we have a specific evaluation form that all participants have to fill out at each event, or maybe it’s very loose and the criteria of success is: well, this seems to have gone well, let’s do it, or something like it, again. Let’s look at ten questions to get an idea of how all of you measure success and failure.

  1. Do you measure success and failure in a formal or informal way?
  2. If formal, what sort of tools do you use to evaluate? How do you use those tools?
  3. If informal, what is your ‘criteria’, such as it is?
  4. What constitutes a failure and what do you do about them?
  5. What do you consider a success and why?
  6. What does it mean to you when you have a success? What does it mean for your library?
  7. How do you make sure that everyone around knows of your success? (publicity, squealing to coworkers, etc.)
  8. What do you do when something is successful once but then isn’t later on?
  9. Do you consider failure to be a positive event?
  10. Can a failure also be a success? And vice versa?

Leave your comments below or jump over to our facebook to join the discussion. We’ll be rounding up the major points at the end of the month.

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