Challenge Monday Monthly Round Up

This week we’ll be rounding up and highlighting some of the answers to our questions.

Week One: Ten Questions to Ask about Your Community

Is this challenge, we asked you to think about your community posed 10 questions for you to think about. Reading through various topics, I’ve come to the biggest conclusion that the biggest challenges we face in Teen Services come from within the library. The top comments fell into the following areas

  1. Being the only person focused on teens/Not having a person at all
  2. Focus being more on early literacy, but not above
  3. Struggling to get teens to come due to the lack of previous options

There were also a common repetition on what challenges the teens faced. Most comments focused around

  1. Transportation
  2. Busy Schedule
  3. Inability to get cards due to living outside the area.

I think it’s always interesting to hear why most of us come from different communities there is still a common tie is what challenges we face. Recognizing the problems is the first step to overcoming them; something we’ll hopefully be able to help with!


Week 2: What Ages Should Teen Services Cover?

In this challenge, we asked to tell us more about you department. The facebook discussion was quite active, but here are some of the results.

  1. What ages do you serve?

The majority (46%) said that teens for you/what you handled was grades 6 – 12. Followed by grades 7- 12 (21%).  About 25% of you said you serve 0 -18! We know that makes the struggle all the more real. We’d love to hear from you on how we can help you support your teens even more!

  1. Where department are you under?

Youth Services was the winner here with 45%. Adults Services wasn’t too far behind with 32%. And a few lucky ones even said they were their own stand alone department. Actually, this number was higher than I expected and accounted for 25% of the responses.

  1. What would you change?

The resounding answer on this one was either more staffing or being your own department.


Of course, this month’s discussion isn’t over. We still have a guest post next about looking at your communities demographics! Even when the month is over, we hope the discussion will continue. There is a lot of challenges facing teen services and the more we share the more we’ll be able to help each other out!


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