Challenge Monday: Pop Culture Programming

This month, TSU will be talking about incorporating (or not!) pop culture into programming for teens.  This could even extend to collection development, if that’s one of your assigned duties.  Behold!  A list of thought-provoking, creative-juices-motivating questions about pop culture, fandoms, and programming!

  1. What does pop culture in teen programming mean to you?
  2. Do you use pop culture references (however you define that) when you are planning programs for your teens?
  3. Have your teens specifically asked for programs involving TV shows, games, movies, or other popular media?
  4. What’s your experience showing films or TV shows at the library?
  5. What are the benefits of making your teen programming a bit more SuperWhoLockian (or insert other fandom here)?
  6. Any drawbacks?
  7. Have you had concerns or complaints from staff members OR parents about the type of programs you do for teens based on content?
  8. If you have a say in teen collection development, have pop culture phenomena influenced what you buy?
  9. If you do run a fandom program of any sort, what’s been the most successful thing you’ve done
  10. On the other hand, what’s been the least successful thing you’ve done?  Why do you think it turned out that way?

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