Challenge Monday: Ten Questions to Ask about your Community

Welcome to our first Challenge Monday. Yes, today isn’t Monday, but with the launch being yesterday we bumped it a day. We promise they’ll be on Mondays from now on.

Every month we will have a topic that we challenge you to think about. There will be to-do lists, POV discussion, guest posts and much more. This month’s topic is: Who are we serving?

Our first challenge is to get you thinking about your community. Here are 10 questions we came up with get the ball rolling

Who is my community?

  1.   What does diversity look like in my community?
  2.   Who attends the programs my library offers for teens?
  3.   Who is using the library as a space but not using our other services?

What are the challenges to life-changing library service?

  1.   What challenges do my teens face in getting to the library? (transportation, jobs, school stuff, ect)
  2.   What challenges do teens in your community face in order to obtain library service (getting cards, attending programs, accessing digital services)?
  3.   What challenges do teens in your community face in order to succeed?
  4.   What challenges do you face internally regarding service to teens?

How does the library function as part of teens’ community?

  1.  What educational institutions (high schools (public, private charter), alternative programs, vocational schools etc) exist in my community.
  2.  What other organizations in my community (Boys and Girls Club, Urban League, Rec Dept etc) work directly with teens?
  3. Which of those educational institutions and community organizations does the library have partnerships with?


We’d love to hear your answers or any other questions in the comment section! At the end of the month, we’ll do a round-up post with some of the comments. You can also jump over to our facebook group and discuss it more there.


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