Challenge Mondays: Teen Behavior and Staff Advocacy

Summer is upon us!  For some of our libraries, this is the time of year where we experience more teens than usual, while in others, this is the time of year where we receive different teens from our usual crowd.  Whatever your personal scenario, this could be a serious time for some refreshers on handling teen “personalities”, when mixed with the heat and hormones of summer. LOL  So let’s take a look at how behavior manifests in your neck of the woods.

  1. What would you say is the largest behavior challenge in your library?
  2. What does behavior management look like in your library?
  3. How do you introduce new teens to your library’s behavior expectations or code of conduct?
  4. Do you believe teens are treated equally to adults or younger children in the library in response to their behavior?
  5. What role do you take in your library staff’s understanding of teen behavior?
  6. As teen services staff, do you ever receive complaints about teen behavior?
  7. How do you respond?
  8. Have you ever tried any out-of-the-box strategies for behavior management in your library?
  9. How did they work out?
  10. How do you maintain the balance between advocating for your fellow staff and your teens themselves?

Leave your comments below or join us on Facebook to join the discussion. We’ll be compiling the major points at the end of the month.

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