Chilling Reads: Books to Keep You Warm this Winter–Display Board and Booklist

I work in a library with a separate teen space where we have a decent amount of shelf space but, sadly, no walls. I work around this problem with displays that I create on a foam core board that I display on a table with related books in front of it.

This month I wanted to set up a display that could be timely for a while (not tied to a specific month like New Year’s resolutions) and had a related booklist. Which led me to chilling reads:

I love a good pun and wanted to do something unexpected so I made a Chilling Reads graphic in PicMonkey with some stock clip art found through Creative Commons and put the display together with some exciting and thrilling reads.

I started with books I knew I wanted to highlight that had dramatic covers and then I used PicMonkey’s collage feature to make each graphic with a book cover, quote, and some background swatches offered by PicMonkey in different themes.

I made the booklist for the display in my library’s catalog (we use BiblioCommons) and printed out the list for patrons to grab if the display catches their attention.

My booklist, Chilling Reads: Books to Keep You Warm this Winter, includes eleven titles which I discovered (after some experimentation) fit perfectly on a double-sided sheet of paper when printed.

Here’s the fully stocked display:

What are some of your favorite chilling reads? Have you read any of the titles I included here? What displays are you putting in your library this winter?

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