Day in the Life of a YA Librarian

Today I’m sharing what a typical day looks like at my library. For context: I’m a YA librarian in a Youth Services department at a large urban library. My library, the central branch, is part of a system of around 60 branches. My department includes a mix of 8 Children’s and Young Adult librarians and we work together to staff reference desks and programs.

9:45am: Arrive at the library, put stuff away, check schedule

10:00am: YA Book Showcase committee meeting. (I’ve talked before about some of the trainings my committee presents like our Mock Printz. Today we welcome new members and discus expectations and requirements for the Fall New Books presentation in October.)

11:00am: Weeding. (The entire department is weeding picture books and YA non-fiction. I’m evaluating YA non-fiction from 000s to 792s looking for multiples, damaged items, and out of date items–this has included a lot of older titles on the election process and programming/computer titles. After confirming titles fit my criteria I log into Sierra and delete them.)

1:00pm: Lunch! (I eat and read my current School Library Journal review assignment.)

2:00pm: Supply Unboxing. (Our library is gearing up for a lot of summer programs including Garden Club and Project Art which are run by facilitators from outside the department. Lots of supplies came in so a few of us opened everything up and squared them away.)

2:30pm: Emails. (I send out meeting notes and other reminders in email form rather than provide handouts or rely on notes so I started putting together a list of everything people on my committee need to know. I also coordinate summer volunteers so I checked to confirm interview times that I have scheduled tomorrow with a few teens.)

3:30: Reference Desk. (The children’s/YA department is a separate wing so we only staff the service points in that area. I’m at the children’s reference desk fielding questions about where to find books, the location of our after school programs, early literacy computer sign ups, and any other reference questions that come up. We’re also doing a quarterly reference survey so I have to tally all questions asked on a special sheet for the day.)

4:30pm: Finishing Touches. (During my last hour I check the department inbox and put out new flyers for our summer programs that arrived. I finish up some emails and save them to send tomorrow morning. Enter important meeting dates and deadlines into my phone calendar since I stay digital whenever possible with organization. And generally make sure I have everything ready for tomorrow.)

5:30pm: End of Day. (Time to go home and hope the subways don’t have too many delays!)

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