Desktop Character

Our desks. They’re not just for putting our computer on, that stack of Advanced Reader’s Copies, and those really cool Sharpie pens you got last week. Our desks are an extension of ourselves. Whether they’re an organized mess that you straighten every 6-8 weeks (cough, me, cough) or they’re perfectly neat and organized with cute labels (cough, wish this was me, cough) our desks tell us about who we are and how we work. They’re our home away from home.

Currently, at my desk, you can find photos of my family, buttons made my teens from our button maker, a T.A.R.D.I.S sign, pictures of owls, and more. Jenni on our Facebook group, shared her desk with us. Check out that troll from the 90’s and is that LEGO Millennium Falcon?!jennysdesktsu

Our teen services and even children’s services desks can become an extension as well. They’re just as important to how we reach out to patrons as we are. Numerous times, I’ve had teens start a conversation with me because of the memes and signs that I have on the bottom part of the teen desk that’s on the floor. If I didn’t have something there, would they ever have started a conversation with me? Maybe. But the meme sure helped break the ice!

The front displays encouragement memes and my favorite “In Case of Werewolf, Use the Stairs” sign.


The other side is filled with book memes which are a huge hit. The most talked about?



Jenni also shared with us her awesome book eater on her desk.


And finally, if you can’t decorate your desk, no worries! A display can attract just as much attention and open conversations as well such as Rachel’s spooky book display.


Share with us your awesome desks! Add it to our Facebook page or post below.

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