Different Kind of Gaming

A lot of of my teens love playing video games; I love playing video games, but I didn’t purchase a gaming system for my teens until spring 2014. Since I bought the PS4, the teens have only played it a handful of times. They seem to prefer to play tabletop games against each other. Words can NOT express how much I love this. Just recently, a teen was in homework center talking about how much she wanted to play a certain game after book club.

The origins of how this all got started are murky. The library teens have always enjoyed hanging out with each other. There are four major high schools in our city, and the teens go to three of them. They never would have met if they all hadn’t decided to come to the library for their various reasons. Now they are each other’s greatest supporters.

 We can’t remember what game started the teens foray into tabletop games, but they clearly remember the second game they played. Some of them were in my office, I asked them if they wanted to play a game where you “Kill the Monster. Steal the Treasure. Stab Your Friend.” They were sold and I bought them Munchkin. They loved it and came in with Munchkin Cthulhu.  I made sure to buy Munchkin Axe Cop, because Axe Cop.

If you don’t know about Axe Cop, go look. I’ll wait. The teens loved playing this game SO much, they decided to create their OWN card game! I love how one game inspired their creativity.

Card 2

Card 1

It wasn’t all fun and games when they played Munchkin. Alliances were formed. Names were called.

It came to the point that is was just as much fun to WATCH a group plan as it was to actually play. I have cried tears of laughter at the shenanigans that have transpired during a game.

I decided to buy more games for the teens. Ticket to Ride wasn’t for them. They love The Logo Game (I am not allowed to play anymore because I always win). I bought another card game by the name of Gloom that they also love. The point of the game is to die a miserable death while making your opponents happy by having them “charmed by ducklings” or having “a picnic in the park.”  I recently mentioned to one of the teens that there would be a Munchkin Gloom and Gloom Fairy Tale and his immediate response was “we’re getting those, right?”  The teens also like playing Family Business.  It’s another one that can get brutal.

Whether they are playing Werewolf and making up gruesome stories about how people died or threatening each other their “staff of Napalm” while playing Munchkin, starting a mob war during Family Business, or groaning when the NHL logo card comes up, the teens are having fun and disprove the fact that all teens need to be connected all the time to have fun. Some of the best moments they have had have come while playing tabletop games with each other.


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