DIY Lightsaber Craft

Today we have Joe from Plainfield Public Library talking about his DIY Lightsaber Program

Remember when Star Wars fans were nerds?  OK, maybe we still are but there are a lot more of us and we no linger have to hide our nerd shame.  Except for you, George Michael:
 Michael Bluth doing a Star War. - Imgur

You can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this lightsaber craft (pdf version). It’s really that simple, but here are the things to know.  The lightsabers will cost about $5 a piece if you already have much the decorating supplies like peel and stick foam, duct tape, super glue, sand paper, and markers.  Collect the inside of gift wrap tubes or the much easier to acquire inner paper towel tubes for the “hilt” of the lightsaber. The “tube guards” are the weird component but I had great luck finding them at  (make sure you get the 34.5″ tubes). The flashlights were $1 each at Wal-mart in the camping aisle, thank you very much tax-exempt card.


I ran this as a 90 minute program and we had about a 80% completion rate.  The teens that didn’t finish hadn’t fully completed coloring their tube or putting the finishing touches on their hilt.  Two hours is an ideal time frame to run this program.  I had 25 teens participate (maximum capacity of the room with crafts) and many more that wanted to attend.  Make sure to tell the teens that making hard contact with tubes will ruin them so they are for prop use only.  Get your camera ready because the photos for this program turn out amazing.

12472552_1099020823496880_6809768948852310242_n 12814308_1099020670163562_7352437681033902273_n


Good luck and as always…


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