Do You Swoon? Discover Swoon Reads and Author Sandy Hall

Swoon Reads is a teen romance imprint under Feiwel and Friends and Macmillan Publishers. Though it’s backed by traditional publishing Swoon Reads is a bit different because of how they find the titles they publish. Authors can join the site and upload a manuscript for free.  Once a manuscript is posted the site’s members read, comment on, and rate the manuscripts. Swoon Reads staff then review the highest rated stories and choose those to be published.  The site accepts all genres of YA romance including LGBT.

Three Swoon Reads titles have been released so far, with several more scheduled for release in 2015.  The currently available titles are:

A_Little_Something_Different_for_sitejpg SaveMe_cover_for_sitejpg Boy_Next_Door_Final_for_sitejpg

Author Sandy Hall, whose first book A Little Something Different was the first Swoon Reads title to be released, was kind enough to answer a few questions for us:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your writing background?

My writing background is limited, to say the least. I was always a journal keeper as a teenager but I never wrote much fiction. In college I actually failed expository writing and I figured that was the death knell on any kind of writing career. I barely wrote a word besides papers in college and grad school for about ten years.

Why did you submit to Swoon Reads?
A few years ago I started writing fanfiction and finally realized that maybe I wasn’t such a terrible writer. I really enjoyed it and I had so much fun sharing with other fans and being part of a community. When I heard about Swoon, it basically sounded like a fandom community for original writing. The idea of sharing original fiction and getting feedback on it was attractive enough on its own but then add in the fact that there was even a slight chance of a publishing contract and I was totally sold.
Part of the Swoon Reads process is getting ratings and comments from other users. What was that like?
It was such a great experience. I feel like I learned so much from reading comments on all of the manuscripts. People in the community really take their time and give such thoughtful insight on the manuscripts. We even used some of the reader feedback during the editing process. It really made it feel like we were tailoring parts of the manuscript for the readers.
Do you read or comment on other manuscripts on the site? 
 I have in the past, but somewhere between working full time and being a real live, published author it got lost in the shuffle. I’ve recently quit my full time job though, so being a more active participant in the Swoon community is on my long list of resolutions. Hopefully I’ll be able to find time now!
What are your future writing plans?

To write anything and everything anyone will let me! I have ideas for adults books, middle grade books, and lots and lots of YA. Mostly YA because that’s why I love.

 Sandy Hall’s next book from Swoon Reads is called Signs Point to Yes, and will be released in October 2015. Find out more at Swoon Reads.

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