Easy Crafts for Star Wars Lovers

No matter whether you love or hate Star Wars, chances are you’ve felt at least a little of the excitement trembling within the force this week. With the Star Wars Celebration ending in Orlando this weekend and mass explosion of information for what’s new with the franchise going forward (Princess Leia and Captain Phasma booksKelly Marie Tran joining The Last Jedi film, to name a couple), along with the teaser trailer for The Last Jedi, there has been non-stop Star Wars. And two very important days in the Star Wars lexicon are coming up:  May the Fourth Be With You / Star Wars Day, and Revenge of the Fifth. Are you prepared?

Do not give in to the Dark Side! (Unless they offer awesome cookies….) We have gathered up easy crafts that can be set out to engage even the most curious of Jawas and Ewoks and keep them occupied for a while, even if Revenge of the Fifth falls directly on Free Comic Book Day this year.


My tweens and teens have been in love with these for years. I found the instructions on http://littlebinsforlittlehands.com/light-saber-sensory-bottles-star-wars-activity/. Glitter glue was always too expensive for us, so we used food coloring, glitter, and clear glue, with the glue giving it the viscosity for the glitter to swirl around and not just be strange.  They also use a specific type of water bottle because of the wide entry and allowing for the sticks to fit; I made do with what donated items we had received, and it worked fine as long- as they were clear and of stronger plastic. Colored plastic (blue) worked with the blue glowsticks but not really well with any other color, and the finer the plastic, the less able they were to withstand crafting, weaponizing, and general teenage torture. I’ve also had really good luck using glass jars and painting them with teens, just explaining that they were not to swordfight with them like pool noodles.



Yes it’s May, and yes some of us are in droughts while others of us are in floods, but these patterns are AMAZING! Over at http://mattersofgrey.com/diy-star-wars-snowflakes/ you can pick and choose which templates you want to download or get the entire collection, as well as the directions. Print out the instructions and place them in a couple of binders along with stacks of paper and scissors and a few examples that have been done, and let them go to town. (If you do this craft, share these on your networks using the hashtag #starwarssnowflakes and their handle @mattersofgrey so they get the credit. It’s amazing).


While this one says “great for Father’s Day” I crack these out all the time. From http://www.redtedart.com/darth-vader-bookmark-great-fathers-day/ they have an easy tutorial video that you can watch, but if you’ve done corner bookmarks before you can get the hang of it pretty easily. It also wouldn’t be too hard to transform him into Kylo, just a matter of different colors and buttons for that matter.

And if your tweens and teens are into origami, don’t forget all the creations of the Origami Yoda series by Ted Angleberger. On his website (http://origamiyoda.com/how-to-fold/) he’s got diagrams and videos, and additional instructions from super folders as well.

And there are always coloring pages and cubeecrafts, like these:


May the Force be with you!

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