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Today we have a guest post from Jennifer Rummel at Cragin Memorial Library. She’s talking about her favorite fantasy books.

One of my favorite genres to read is high fantasy – where the girls kick serious butt. Luckily for me, the YA world tends to agree with me and we have tons of books to choose from. Here’s a list of some of my favorites.

Alanna by Tamora Pierce
On the way to their respective schools, Alanna, who craves adventure, switches places with her brother who would rather learn magic. Alanna begins her training as a page. Her days are terribly hard. She’s’ desperate to keep her identity a secret, deal with all the homework, and forge friendships that will last.


Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken
After a rain storm in their village, which hasn’t seen rain in ten years, a wizard appears, taking credit. The chief offers the wizard, Wayland North, a reward. The wizard demands his daughter Sydelle. Wayland believes he can stop the upcoming war with Sydelle’s help. Together, they set out across the country to deliver their information. But he’s keeping secrets from Sydelle, secrets that will change everything once she learns the truth.


Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly
Serafina’s big day has finally arrived. By the end of the day, she will have shown her court her strength as their next leader and be betrothed to Prince Mahdi. That morning, she wakes late from a terrible nightmare. As she readies herself for the day, rumors swirl around her: about her betrothed, about herself, and about unrest in the kingdom. Her moment of triumph is ruined when an arrow slices through the water and hits her mother. The nightmare wasn’t something to dismiss, Sera knows that she must find the other mermaids from her dream. Together they have the power to save the realm – if they’re not captured first.

Eon by Alison Goodman
Eon and his master have been training for years. They hope that Eon will be chosen as a Dragoneye – an apprentice to dragons. But Eon has two strikes against him. He’s crippled, making it harder for him to train and making him untrustworthy in people’s minds. But he’s also in disguise; he’s really Eona, a sixteen year old girl posing as a 12 year old boy. When Eona isn’t chosen as the dragoneye, everything seems lost until an ancient dragon thought to be lost forever, chooses Eona. Females are forbidden to use dragon magic and no one can discover Eona’s secret. But with the council divided, Lord Eon becomes a ray of hope for the Emperor and his supporters. Her secrets might be her downfall and the downfall of those who support her.

Firelight by Sophie Jordan
Jacinda has a deep dark secret; she’s a draki – a descendant of dragons who can portray themselves as humans. Jacinda can breathe fire, a rare gift. In order to escape the attentions of the prince, whom she has no interest in, she escapes in the dead of night along with her mother and her sister. They travel to the desert, where they will blend into the human world. The heat from the desert threatens to kill her draki form – which is part of her mother’s intention. Jacinda feels trapped. She hates her life. Then she meets Will. She feels drawn towards him and even though she knows she should stay away from him, she can’t. Will she remain in human form or will her struggle with her draki side force her to take action in saving herself?

Graceling by Kristin Cashore
Rebelling against her uncle, the king, Katsa and others have created a council to secretly rescue people like herself. During a rescue mission, she meets a prince. He challenges her in more ways than one. He’s searching for his grandfather’s kidnappers. As friendship grows between Katsa and Po, she can’t bear the thought of him leaving her behind. So she travels with him. Their path is as dangerous as their enemies. Can they survive the journey and face the truth about the threat of the seven kingdoms?

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers
Ismae’s scar is a mark that the god of Death claims her. She’s brought to a covenant where she learns that she’s an instrument of Death. They will train her to become an assassin. After years, a man almost interferes with her first two assignments. He’s the half brother of the queen. He’s trying to uncover information of treason, but Ismae keeps killing the men responsible without interrogating them first. They must work together to uncover the mastermind behind the evil

Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs
Grace has always known she was adopted, but she never knew that she had sisters, that she was part of a set of triplets. She meets her sister by chance. It’s her sister who explains they are descendants from Medusa and they must guard the gateway. Only they can stop the monsters from taking over the world.


Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas
Becoming the King’s assassin is the only way for Celaena Sardothien to earn her freedom. But what do you do when that king is a monster and your life is in danger?



Touch of Frost
by Jennifer Estep
After a deadly accident changed her life, Gwen’s attending the private Mythos Academy where the students are all deadly warriors -all of them except her. Mythos Academy is the training ground for the deadly battle of good vs. evil. When a student dies, the rest of the student body moves on – quickly. Gwen’s determined to figure out what happened even if it means putting her life on the line.


A few A/YA Books:

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder
Yelena’s offered a choice: become the food taster for the Commander of Ixia or be executed for the crime she committed. Yelena chooses to live. On her first day, the chief of security deliberately poisons her, leaving her needing the antidote daily, keeping her loyal to him in theory. Plots arise to overthrow the Commander and Yelena will have to use all her new training if she wants to keep her head.


Queen of Blood by Sarah Beth Durst
In the world of Renthia, the Queen rules all, from the humans to the malevolent spirits. But this Queen, even with her strength, can’t seem to control all the spirits. When Daleina’s village is attacked by spirits and destroyed, she has some power to stop them. Because of that power, she takes the test of the academy. When she passes, she gives up everything she knows to train for the chance to become Queen. Deleina isn’t the best nor the most skilled student, but she works hard to make up for it. She rarely sees her family. When a disgraced champion comes looking for a student to train, they chose each other. Can two outcasts change the world?

And so many great looking ones are coming out this year that I can’t wait to read.


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