Field Days

Summer Reading is fast approaching and most of us are doing our planning now, so I thought I’d mention the field days I’ve run in case the idea can help with this year’s theme.

My background is as a camp counselor. I spent 8 summers helping run a day camp for ages 5-13 although my high school and college years. So this past summer I was trying to think of set of three outdoor programs I could do on Saturday afternoons. My library does not have a very large outdoor area so I felt at a loss. Finally, I decided that I probably had a large enough outdoor game knowledge base to run a field day with what space we had. I also went back to my former coworkers at the day camp for suggestions.

A few suggestions that you can do with almost any space, whether grassy or not:
*Tag (or any of its numerous variations – they really like TV tag still!)
*Wiffle ball and bat – seriously, the entirety of the second field day I ran was literally just taking turns pitching, hitting and fielding the ball. And with a wiffle ball, the ball won’t hurt windows or people, so it’s okay if you’re close to the building. Home Run Derby would work well.
*Any form of Red Rover – I particularly enjoy Bear Trap, Homie, Bear – it’s a more physical version of Rocks, Paper, Scissors. (Bear Trap beats Bear, Bear beats Homie, Homie beats Bear Trap (opposable thumbs for the win!)). Message me if you want more details.
*Capture the Flag (with specific rules tailored to your space, obviously – plus no jail guarding is a must)
*Water balloons.
*Simon Says!
*Keep Away

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