Game Night

At the end of last summer, I proposed a list of possible new programs for the teens. The one they chose was Game Night and they wanted to open it up to ages 10 and up. It wasn’t going to be video games, but board games. Having this game night was a great way to test out games for summer reading program. We do a lot of group activities as part of our summer programming. But outside traditional games (Sorry, Monopoly), I didn’t know of any others so I had to do some research.

I asked for suggestions over at the Teen Services Underground Facebook group and was given some great suggestions. The first we tried was Quelf and it was an immediate hit. There was laughter, tears from laughing so hard, and some unable to speak from laughing so hard. This game was really easy to use and I didn’t have to research anything.



They next new game I had them try was Betrayal at House on the Hill. This game seemed to be up the teen’s alley:  part board game part role play. It seemed complicated, so I watched Wil Wheaton play it on his YouTube show, Tabletop. It seems easy enough after I watched, but the teens were not feeling the game. But I didn’t know if it was the teens or the game.

Since the last game wasn’t a big hit, I made sure to do more research. I searched the Internet and found some lists at Mashable. Then I looked it up on Amazon and read reviews. After I came up with some games, I went to YouTube to see the games in action.

I decided on 5 Second Rule and Codenames. I didn’t realize that 5 Second Rule was played on the Ellen Show! I tested it after a low attended book club meeting and the teens had a lot of fun! We made up our own rules and it was a competition between them all. I was reading the topics to them and I noticed there were a lot the teens wouldn’t know (“Name three SEC teams”). Since Game Night was the following week, I made topics of my own that I knew the teens would get and before the program started, I went through the deck to make sure they had topics they knew. It was a big hit! Lots of yelling and laughing and “NOOOOOOOs” when time ran out.

This Thursday I will test out Codenames. The instructions confused me, but luckily I found a video that made it much easier to understand! If you want to know how that game went, ask me about it on Friday. You should also check Dustin’s post on his games in the library.

What are your favorite board games to play with teens? Let me know!

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