Guest Review: Scarlett Undercover by Jennifer Latham

Guest Review: Scarlett Undercover by Jennifer LathamScarlett Undercover by Jennifer Latham
Release Date: 19 May 2015
Pages: 320
Genres: Diversity, Fantasy
Recommended For: Grades 7-9
Submitted by: Renata Sancken


Scarlett isn’t an ordinary teenager. She’s graduated high school early and works as a private detective. It’s not glamorous like in TV or the movies, but she’s pretty good at it.

When she first agrees to help 9-year-old Gemma investigate Gemma’s brother, who’s been acting REALLY weird ever since his friend’s death, she thinks she’s just doing a favor for a sad little kid. Scarlett has no idea that it might relate back to Scarlett’s own father’s murder. But when she starts investigating the case, she finds much more than just a depressed teenage boy–she finds a secret society dedicated to ancient stories about genies and magic. At first, it all seems pretty silly to her, but the society really believes in genies and magic… maybe enough that they would murder to protect their secrets. It doesn’t matter what Scarlett thinks about genies–it just matters if she can solve this case before anyone else dies.

Scarlett Undercover is a page-turning mystery with a twist of mythology. I’d recommend it to fans of Jonathan Stroud’s Bartimaeus series, because it has some of the same stories about genies, or to someone looking for a good mystery.

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