HiddenHidden by Helen Frost
Published by: Macmillan
Release Date: May 10th 2011
Pages: 147
Genres: Realistic, Verse
Recommended For: 6th & 7th grade


When Wren Abbot was 8 years-old, she was accidentally kidnapped by West Monson. He had no idea she was hidden in the back of the car he was stealing. For days, she hides in the garage and learns a bit about his family, including that his has his own daughter named Darra. Wren manages to escape, but those days change Wren and Darra’s life forever.
Neither girl ever thought they’d ever cross paths again, but 6 years later fate has another idea. Both girls end up at the same summer camp and the same bunk. This is the first time they’ve ever come face-to-face, but they definitely know who each other is. This could finally be the chance the for girls to talk about their stories honestly, but are they strong enough to face the truth?



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