Lois Lane: Fallout

Lois Lane: FalloutLois Lane: Fallout by Gwenda Bond
Published by: Switch Press
Release Date: 1 May 2015
Pages: 304
Genres: Science Fiction, Mystery
Recommended For: Grades 7-9
Submitted by: Renata Sancken


How many of you guys have heard of Lois Lane? How would you describe her? [the kids always say Superman’s girlfriend] … OK, most people would say “Superman’s girlfriend.” That’s true in the Superman comics and movies, but what about before Lois met Superman? This is the story of when Lois Lane was a teenager and just moved to Metropolis. She had a history of getting into trouble at school for being nosy–something that would eventually make her a great news reporter. On her very first day at East Metropolis High, Lois overhears the school principal dismissing one student’s complaints of bullying. Lois decides to investigate–she takes bullying seriously, even if the principal doesn’t. She gets her new friends from the Daily Scoop student newspaper involved, and they discover something much more sinister than just some mean students. It seems like these school bullies are products of a secret, high-tech military experiment gone wrong. With help from her online message board friend, SmallvilleGuy, Lois is determined to get to the bottom of things and save her fellow students!

I would recommend Fallout to any fans of Superman and Lois Lane, but I also think that even if you haven’t read any Superman comics or watched any of the movies, this is still a great story about a smart teen reporter–something like Gossip Girl meets The X-Files.

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