Marco Impossible

Marco ImpossibleMarco Impossible by Hannah Moskowitz
Published by: Roaring Brook Press
Release Date: 19 March 2013
Pages: 256
Genres: Diversity, Realistic, Romance
Recommended For: Grades 6-8
Submitted by: Renata Sancken


Stephen and Marco have been best friends since forever, and when Marco came out as gay in 7th grade, that didn’t change anything. They still liked to work as detectives, keeping a notebook full of secrets about their family members and classmates, especially Sasha, the girl Stephen has a crush on, and Benji, the guy Marco has a crush on. Unfortunately, Benji’s family is moving back to England next year, so this year is Marco’s last chance to impress him. When they find out that Benji’s band is playing at the high school prom, Stephen and Marco come up with an epic scheme for how they can break into the prom and get onstage to make a big, romantic gesture.

But there are a lot of complications to their plan, and Stephen’s starting to feel a little bitter that he and Marco are spending all their time working on a plan for Marco’s crush, when they’re not doing anything to help Stephen with his crush.

Will love and friendship prevail over teen angst and strict high school security? Read this funny school adventure story to find out!

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