Motivation Monday: We’re almost there!



It’s May! The weather is warming up and the sense of joy at the coming of summer is nearly palpable in my school.

But, as I work long hours on reading lists and year-end research projects, as I deal with the chaos caused by testing, field trips, finals and year-end ceremonies, and as I manage students who are more restless as they sense their impending freedom, I start to burn out a bit. I start to wonder when it will all be over (soon!), instead of appreciating the joys of what I do. I’m guilty of losing sight of the reasons why I love what I do in the midst of the day-in-day-out grind.

It’s normal this time of year for school librarians to feel a little bit like we can’t keep going much longer, but we can do this! We’re awesome! Our schools and our students need our best until the very end. If you, like me, are in need of a little pick me up this first Monday in May, consider taking a few minutes today to do one of these things. In preparation for writing this post over the last few days, I did each one, and, for me, they were well worth the time.

  1. List three things that have made you proud this school year. Be sure to share the items with a colleague or your principal.
  2. Write down at least one beautiful moment or quote from today and share it with your colleagues instead of venting about a frustration.
  3. Spend a five minutes shelf-reading books by the funniest author on your shelves. Share a funny passage from one of the books with a class you teach, if it makes sense. Students need a good laugh this time of year too.
  4. Catch students doing good in the library and take some photos that you can strategically in the library office or somewhere else that will make you smile.
  5. Write a short thank-you note to someone who has been a big support to you this time of year.

Keep up the good work! 

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