Outreach Crafts: The Good, The Bad, & the Ugly

This is my second full school year of going to some of my local middle and high schools and doing crafts with the teens. My last visit of the school year is this Friday and I thought it’d be fun to reflect back and on the best and worst crafts of the year.

The Good

Hands down, the favorite craft of the year has been the sock snowmen. They were easy enough that none of the teens struggled & fast enough that they had plenty of time to personalize. I loved seeing how different they all ended up being! This is just a small sampling of the results.

The Bad:

Okay, these headphone wraps weren’t really that bad, but the teens didn’t seem super into them. The ones who did it enjoyed the craft, but a lot of teens decided not to do it. It was probably one of the lower attened crafts that I did. I still think they’re super cute though!

The Ugly

I saw these hot chocolate ornaments and thought they were super cute, even as non-ornaments. I knew it would be a bit of a challenge for the teens, but it ended up being much worse than expected. In fact, if we had more than a handful of projects get completed I’d be surprised.  Part of it was my fault for using construction paper tops instead of cardstock/cardboard–I didn’t take into account that the access cup paint would weigh it down/destroy it. The other part is that teens are not patient! The whole act of rolling the paint in the cup was way too much for them and instead ended up with gobs of paint at the bottom of the cup.  Lesson learned, simple is better. I still love my sample, but it’s the only picture I have of the project.


Tell me, what simple crafts have gone over really well with your teens?

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