Passive Reader’s Advisory: Get Visual!

I am an extremely visual learner.  I am one of those patrons who can tell you the color of a book and the cover design (and usually the title, too).  I find books on the shelf based on location, so shifting totally throws me off.

So I admit that when I made these passive reader’s advisory sheets, I was influenced by my own preference for pictures.  But I think that teens, too, respond more to the cover of a book than the title.

Our teen section is located in an odd area–directly across from the adult reference desk and next to adult fiction.  My office in the Youth Services department is literally on the other side of the wall, and I have to go out the door of our hallway, around the new fiction display, and into the Teen Space to do any sort of teen work.  So it’s pretty hard to be always on hand when a teen needs a book recommendation.

If I’m not available, the adult reference staff gets a little nervous.  That’s another reason I made these sheets–adult reference has copies to refer to at their desk so they don’t feel adrift in a sea of John Green.

I made the readalike pages using Canva, a really awesome web design tool that Andrea talked about here.  I’m going to update them periodically as certain books become more popular and others wane.  And in the spirit of librarianship, I want to share them with you!

PLL Readalikes If you liked Harry Potter... If you liked The Princess Diaries...
If you liked The Hunger Games... If You Liked TFIOS... If you need something spooky...
If you liked Percy Jackson...

I put them in plastic sheet protectors in a binder in the teen section.  Other branches have them on the endcaps of the teen ranges, which is really helpful for browsing.

To download one of them, click on one of the PDF links below.  Enjoy, and happy reader’s advisory!

If You Liked TFIOS… (1)

If you need something spooky… (1)

If you liked The Princess Diaries… (1)

PLL Readalikes (1)

If you liked The Hunger Games… (1)

If you liked Harry Potter… (1)

If you liked Percy Jackson… (1)


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