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Today I wanted to share ALL the bookmarks! Featured above are the Reader’s Advisory bookmarks that I have available in the YA section at my public library branch. They are wildly popular, easy to make, and extremely helpful for coworkers doing RA when I’m not around to help out.

I made all of the bookmarks using Picmonkey’s design tool. I put together the lists of books using my own knowledge of YA fiction, recommendations from coworkers, and Goodreads searches. I made sure my library has at least 1 copy of each book. Whenever possible I tried to feature books that are older (instead of brand new releases) because that ensures that the book will probably be checked in, and that older books get more circulation!

These bookmarks are open use for anyone who wants to save them and use them! I print them out on cardstock paper and cut them out and stick them in my teen area. It’s great to have an easy RA resource that’s something I can create entirely on my own, on demand.


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