Resources: 3 Books for Programming Inspiration

Print resources! Yes, print resources. Pinterest is great, but sometimes you just need a solid program idea without wading through 1001 crockpot recipes and “How I Pretend My 2 Year Old is a Perfect Angel” posts. Here are three books you can order for your collection and use to plan your teen programs:


Paper Made: 101 Exceptional Projects to make Out of Everyday Paper by Kayte Terry

So many projects mean lots of options for programming. I especially like the Family Portraits, Paint Chip Mobile, and Queen of Hearts Necklace, but I would estimate at least 50 of the 101 projects, most using cheap and/or recycled materials, would work as library craft programs.


Don’t Forget to Write for the Secondary Grades by 826 National, edited by Jennifer Traig

If you’ve ever wanted to offer more structured writing programs, but just don’t have the resources to bring in someone to teach a class then fear not, 826 National has you covered. 50 lessons are included and there is a great variety of subjects, session length, and seriousness to choose from. Hamilton fans might be interested in “How to Write a One-Person Show About a Historical Figure” while I’m partial to the lesson that teaches how to write a respectful fan letter. There is also a great lesson called “Writing for Gamers” that uses video game conventions to get teens writing. Many of the lessons are easily adaptable to the time and participants you have available.



Team Challenges: 170+ Group Activities to Build Cooperation, Communication, and Creativity by Kris Bordessa

If you have a TAB or other group that could benefit from some team-building or you just want some fun things to break the ice before you get down to business this is your book. The challenges use everyday items and encourage creative problem solving, teamwork, and communication.

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