Resources: Three email newsletters

Email newsletters seem to be making a comeback these days. Here are three library-related newsletters (plus a bonus!) to subscribe to in order to get inspiration delivered to your email inbox.

Firefox_Screenshot_2015-09-11T02-06-57.379ZThink Outside the Stacks

From TSU agent Beth comes Think Outside the Stacks, a monthly newsletter full of links and resources from outside the library world. This is a great roundup for working with youth of all ages with lots of inspiration. Sign up to get the newsletter in your inbox or view the archive to see past letters.

Firefox_Screenshot_2015-09-11T03-48-52.769ZTeen Reads

Teen Reads is a website devoted to YA lit and other books and media of interest to teens. Sign up for their monthly newsletter to get a curated roundup of articles, reviews, contests and more to stay up-to-date for collection development, program planning, and reader’s advisory.


The Cat and Cardigan

The Cat and Cardigan is a newsletter from Evanced, a library software vendor. Their newsletter includes program ideas, marketing tips, how-to articles, and usually a link to a fun online time-waster. Not youth services specific, but definitely has some useful information.


Firefox_Screenshot_2015-09-11T04-04-35.128ZTwo Bossy Dames

Not really related to libraries or teen services, but I’d be remiss to talk about email newsletters and not include Two Bossy Dames. This is the brainchild of librarians Margaret and Sophie and includes tons of fun internet diversions almost every Friday. If you like ladies, pop culture, and/or animated gifs, check this one out for a break from librarian-ing.


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