Resources: Three Sites to Diversify your Reading

Every month we’ll be featuring online resources that will help you navigate the world of teen services. Read them, follow them, add them to your bookmarks! If you have any can’t miss sites to suggest, please let us know.
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Diversity in YA

If you’re looking to diversify your reading, whether for personal pleasure reading or for collection development, add Diversity in YA to your resources. Brought to you by YA authors Malinda Lo and Cindy Pon, the site celebrates diversity of all kinds from “race to sexual orientation to gender identity and disability.” Content includes book lists, first-person essays from authors, links to news articles, and more. Follow their tumblr for even more content!


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GenreQue(e)ry is a new resource on Tumblr to explore QUILTBAG identities in young adult genre fiction. It was borne out of a panel from YALSA’s YA Lit Symposium in November 2014. Librarians Christie Gibrich (TSU contributor!) and Katelyn Browne post book recommendations, talk about LGBTQ book awards, and highlight programming and promotion ideas for libraries.


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Not sure if the book you’re reading includes an accurate portrayal of a disability? Disability in Kidlit features reviews, guest posts, and discussions about how disabilities are portrayed in middle grade and young adult fiction. Contributors include authors, readers, and activists. Books are often reviewed by someone who shares the disability that is portrayed in the book, offering a personal perspective. They also have a fantastic tumblr for an extended reading experience!


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