Resources: Three Teen Library Tumblrs

Today, I have a list of Teen Department Tumblrs that you should follow. They’re some of our favorites.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Teen Services

Location: Pittsburgh, PA (multi-branch)

Reasons why they’re awesome: they are mostly ‘on topic’, with the occasional fun cute picture. They not only cover Carnegie Library Teen happenings, but also general literary things. All perfect for someone running a Teen Library related blog of their own. They post regularly so there’s always plenty to see.

Douglas Library Teens

Location: Hebron, CT

Reasons why they’re awesome: Douglas Library keeps things light and fun while also keeping their teens abreast of local activities. If you’re looking for great library related things, follow them, absolutely. Whoever runs the tumblr is definitely in tune with teenagers. They also post regularly without overdoing it.

Robbins Library Teens

Location: Arlington, VA

Reasons why they’re awesome: They’re in my backyard! But, for real, one of the things I love about it is that whoever runs the Tumblr uses Tumblr to its full extent. There is a series of links linking back to the website, including events, book lists, developing a personalized reading list, and volunteering. On top of that, the Tumblr-er showcases the things the teens do in such a great way and also clearly runs a ton of great programs. So look here for program ideas!

And, because I couldn’t decide, have a few bonus tumblrs from Teen departments that are also awesome:

W-TCPL Teen Central from the multi-branch library system in Warren, OH.

FDL Teen Space from East Peoria, IL

CCLD Teens from Elmira, NY

Timberland Regional Library Teens from near Olympia, WA


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