Resources: Three Tumblrs to Follow

Narrowing down to just three Tumblrs to follow is nearly impossible. Our Tumblr account follows 82 other accounts and is probably missing tons of great resources too.

Today, I’ve picked 3 non-teen library department Tumblrs to suggest. At some point, I’ll come back and suggest three teen library ones, as we follow some great ones! So, in no particular order…

First up is: Diversity in YA


Diversity in YA is a great resource run by authors Malinda Lo and Cindy Pon featuring all manner of diversity in YA books. Their welcome page is a great starter and they thankfully log all of their posts on their website since Tumblr is notoriously hard to search. It’s a great resource to find what’s coming, what’s already out and what are often reviewed as the best for every kind of diversity. They are careful to say that they do not read everything and that the opinions in each post belong to the author of the post, not necessarily Diversity in YA, Malinda or Cindy. Another great thing about Diversity in YA is that they are consistent in their posting without overdoing it.


Second is: Teen Librarian Toolbox





I suspect a lot of you are familiar with Teen Librarian Toolbox and this is only proper as they are an awesome resource and great with social media. Their Tumblr is a mix of their own original stuff and absolutely great reblogs as well. Their posts stretch from programming ideas and successes to gushing about amazing YA books to talking about the issues that face many of us every day (or at least some days). Their Tumblr is an all around great resource for a variety of things. “Warning”: It is not 100% fully library related all the time.


Third is: Librarian Problems

librarian problems







To add a little levity into your day, follow Librarian Problems. It’s run by a library director named William from Iowa who issues the reminder that it’s all for fun on the ‘About’ page. Each post consists of a common library ‘problem’ (some are funny, some might hit a little close to home) followed by a great .gif representing what we all feel about said problem. Although it won’t advance your professional goals, it does help you remember that we’re all there with you and that sometimes you can’t do anything but laugh about the ridiculousness.

If you follow or know of any great Tumblrs relating to library life – professional or otherwise, please let us know (either in the comments or on facebook)! We’re always looking for great new ones to follow.

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