Say YASSSS to Summer Reading!

Today we have a guest post from Cate Weber from the Vienna Public Library

It’s time. It’s happening. Easter is over. Spring Break dwindles. Summer looms, a glorious challenge. You are thinking up programs, making lists, creating calendars, and mulling ideas to figure out how to get teens reading this Summer. You are racking your brain to make them want to come to the library. You are wondering if it’s even possible for you to get all of this done. Don’t panic. You can do it! Take a big, deep, amazing breath and sound a barbaric “YASSSSS!” to the sky!

Yassss kitty!

Summer is coming and you will be ready!
All you need is:
Y – Yourself. You are awesome! You are a fount of knowledge in the drought of Summer; an inspiration and revelation to readers and teens everywhere!
A – Advertising. Your program will be flawless, so you’d better make sure people know about it!
Who can you contact? Everybody! How can you contact them? Schools! Radio! TV! Internet! Print! Megaphone! There are so many choices!
S – Structure. The basics: How many weeks is your program? How much do you want participants to read? Track by hours? Books? Pages? Will there be incentives? Events? Community service? So many questions, but guess what? You are in charge of the answers!
S – Supplies. What are you going to need? Make lists! Lists are awesome! Figure out what you have and what you need, then decide how you can get it. Shopping? Donations? Supply drives? There are great possibilities!
S- Space. Where will you hold your programming? Did you already reserve that space? (if not, do it!) Are you strictly on-site? Are there opportunities to go out in your community? Will you stay in your Designated Teen Space, or venture into other corners of your library? Boldly go!
S – Support. Finally (and most importantly) make sure you have support lined up. You are awesome, but you need help! Summer Reading is a huge undertaking! Do you need outside performers and speakers? Are they booked? Are there programs that might be enhanced by some knowledgeable input? What about volunteers? Are you recruiting? Could you be? Do you have support staff? Do they need training for this year’s program? Do you know that you are amazing?

You are preparing for one of the most daunting, interesting, engaging, and fun things that we get to do as providers of Teen Services in our libraries. It will be a lot of work, a lot of fun, but most importantly it will be worth ALL of your effort. Because you are amazing, and you get to do amazing things with great kids every day. Remember!

Adults are full of
Strength and

Give them the opportunity, and they can do just about anything!
Now get to Pinterest! There’s work to do!
Summer is Coming.

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