Summer is Coming!

If you’re not a librarian, and specifically one who works with teens and/or younger, that might not have the same doom laden feeling that ‘Winter is Coming’ evokes. Not to mention the lack of death and destruction… Still, there’s no denying that summer is usually our busiest time. Second only, maybe, to the lead up to it! All the prep and time. Either way, I suspect most, if not all of us, are in the midst of summer planning. Maybe we’re deep in the middle, maybe we’re just starting (me!) or maybe we’re almost done (I’m envious!) but there’s no denying it’s a large part of our jobs.

As we head into another summer, let me offer a round up of some of our previous summer reading related posts that might help you get through your planning and the summer itself:


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Novice vs. Experienced (and how to handle it)

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Surviving Summer Reading (some more self-care and inspiration)

Here’s the main takeaways:

You can do this! It seems daunting now but you can. We all can. And we’ve got your back. There are more summer related posts that I didn’t link to and plenty of great support in the Facebook group.

Make sure to self-care! Take time for yourself, both now during the prep period and again during summer itself. Do things you love to do outside the library. Keep library work at the library.

Summer is coming! Go forth and be awesome! We have faith in you!

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