Superhero Or Supervillain: Live Action Game

Today we have a guest post from Cindy (White Oak Library District) talking about her Superhero or Supervillain program.


Our Summer Reading Program theme was Every Hero Has A Story.  So I decided to create a live action board game around that them.  I called it Superhero or Supervillain. I made the teens create character sheets with drawings of their hero or villain. I used a generic form I had found online.


I told them there were no limits to their characters. The powers they could choose from were possible superpowers such as flying, super swimming, charm, super intelligence, X-ray vision, super speed and superhuman strength.  Teens could choose two powers.

I created a game board in the children’s programming room with forty spots using tape on the ground.  I made every other space on the board a draw a card space. Here are a few examples of the cards teens would draw from.  There were stop sections where they had to complete in physical challenges. The first is Bozo Buckets which for those of you who do not know it is like a carnivals game where throw a ball or bean bag in a series of five buckets to win. We have another breakout session which was putting books in order by call number which was kind of funny when I talk about Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl being a librarian. The last breakout was easy and was do your best superhero or supervillain pose. The first one complete the board wins the game.  The teens really enjoyed the game and the physical aspect of being able to move across the board. This event requires a good amount of space. We were limited to the children’s programming room and it would have been better to have a larger room.

A cat is struck in a tree: if you are a hero go back two spaces to save the cat.

If you are a villain go forward two spaces because that is not your problem.

There is a baby with candy, lose a turn if you are villain because you have to steal it.

It is a brand new day!

And if you are a hero you are going to die!

Lose two turns!

You have received a PhD in Horribleness!!

If you are a villain move forward two!

George R.R. Martin is here!

Lose a turn hiding so he will not kill you!

Lex Luther is at your party!

He wants to tell you this time he will be Superman!

Go back three spaces to avoid him!



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