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The ALA Annual Conference is always a plethora of programming ideas and opportunities, not only to meet other teen specialists and librarians from across the country and world but to share ideas and connect on a personal level that you sometimes cannot achieve through listservs and social media. There is a huge variety of programming based sessions occurring in Orlando offered by a variety of associations and round tables. I’ve pulled the majority of them and placed them below- including our own YA Smackdown in the Uncommons Area. From bookmobiles to comic cons, common core and green screens, there is something for everyone and every library. Take a look!


8:30-10 am

Bookmobile Saturday: Practitioner Panel, Orange County Convention Center, Room W101A
Calling all bookmobilers! Part of Bookmobile Saturday, this session will feature bookmobile staffers as they share their programming ideas and experiences. Free and open to all attendees of Annual Conference.

InbeTWEEN: Services and Programs for Tweens in Public Libraries, Orange County Convention Center, Room W102B
One of the most popular demographics for publishers and marketers, tweens are enjoying their time in the spotlight. But are libraries following along in a push to market services for tweens separate from traditional children’s programming? Are we carving our spaces into too many market areas – or are we riding the top of the wave and staying ahead of the curve? Participants will explore tween’s preferences in collection development, technology, and programming.

The Art of Author and Comic Programs, Orange County Convention Center, Room W109A
Do you want to host a comic con but you don’t know where to begin? If you have a large budget and many staffers or a modest budget and two teen librarians you can host a successful con that will attract new library users and mesmerize your regulars. Whether you are interested in a large comic con; a smaller specific con; or a literature con, you’ll leave this session armed with ideas and confidence.

11-12 noon

Teen Services Underground YA Smackdown- ALA Uncommons

1-2:30 pm

Reaching the Pinnacle of Program Planning: Creating a Model for Standardized Program Quality and Delivery in Multi-Branch Systems, Orange County Convention Center, Room W203
Do your programs vary in quality from branch to branch, and librarian to librarian? Do you only have great early literacy/teen/technology/young professional/whatever programs where there are subject enthusiasts in those branches, and none where interest is lukewarm? Learn how to develop a Quality Program Structure that establishes quality standards, powerful templates, shareable hyperlinked program grids, coordinated themes, and cooperative marketing, and gives librarians the tools to save time, save money, build resources, and share and replicate well-researched, strategic programs that increase public outcomes.

3-4:00 pm

P3: A New Federal Funding Opportunity to Reach Disconnected Youth, Orange County Convention Center, Room W109A
IMLS is one of six federal agencies (with ED, DOL, HHS, CNCS and DOJ) participating in a newly launched funding opportunity called Performance Partnership Pilots (P3) to better serve disconnected youth. In 2015, the agencies will select their first pilots to blend existing federal funds with start-up grants of up to $700,000. Library reps from selected pilots will be invited to share their P3 experience and describe how others can apply.

Uncommonly Good: Public Librarians and School Librarians Working Together for Common Core, Orange County Convention Center, Room S320 E-F
What do public librarians and school librarians have in common? We all want to serve our patrons as well as contribute to literacy and higher reading rates within our communities. Since the adoption of Common Core Standards in many states, users have called on librarians for assistance with information, resources and knowledge relating to these standards. Public librarians and school librarians can effectively collaborate to help each other reach their goals of user satisfaction and increased reading. Join this session to discover the fundamentals of Common Core and how we can help.


Green Screen: Quick & Dirty, Orange County Convention Center, Room W101A
Using an iPad and several pre-selected apps, this session will show you how to make a mini-movie. The specific focus is using Green Screen along with showing how to smash apps (combine other apps to Green Screen) to make movies. We will use Green Screen, Tellagami, and iMovie to create a 30 second public service announcement. Brevity and fun will be used to excite the participants and their students in the class. Lessons taught here can be retaught to students creating their own movies.

Take the Next STeP (Skills for Teen Parents), Orange County Convention Center, Room S320 A-C
Want to make a meaningful impact in the lives of teen parents? A panel of teen librarians will share techniques and best practices in providing services to this underserved population. STeP (Skills for Teen Parents) teaches pregnant and parenting teen parents life skills through a series of customized and interactive workshops. You’ll learn how to serve teen parents, focus outreach efforts and develop community partnerships from librarians serving teen parents right now.


10:30-11:20 am

Don’t Just Roll the Dice: Simple Solutions for Circulating Game Collections Effectively, Orange County Convention Center, Room W109B
This program will show you some tips and tricks for preserving and processing a table top game collection for efficient circulation. Come see the results of a year long research project that evaluated several preservation and processing techniques for extending the life of a game collection. Learn which preservation techniques keep your game looking new and what type of circulation records and procedures minimize lost pieces. Co-Sponsored by ALA Games and Gaming Round Table (GameRT).

OITP – Libraries Ready to Code: Increasing CS Opportunities for Young People, Orange County Convention Center, Room W105B
Is your library Ready to Code? Come explore the many different ways that public and school libraries are helping their patrons get ready to code. The expert panel will share experiences gained through a yearlong project between Google Education and ALA’s Office for Information Technology Policy investigating coding programs implemented within an array of budget and staff experience constraints. Panelists will share their own experiences with coding and learning approaches through libraries. Panelists will also discuss “computational thinking” and the unique library perspective on successful learning models based on coding concepts.

Public Librarians Serving Those on the Autism Spectrum: Practical Solutions Resulting from Online Training, Orange County Convention Center, Room S330 C-D
Project PALS, an IMLS funded collaboration between autism experts and librarians, created four online training modules to teach librarians about how to best provide services for patrons with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These trainings are now available on Webjunction, and initial data reveals how librarians who have taken the modules plan to implement recommendations into their libraries to best serve members of this population. Presenters will discuss practical solutions for public libraries to implement in their own locations, as well as the most popular suggestions for implementation as chosen by librarians and library staff who have taken the full trainings.

11-12 noon

Teen Services Underground YA Smackdown, ALA Uncommons

1-2:30 pm

3D Printing: Programs and Partnerships, Orange County Convention Center, Room W101B
Is your library interested in 3D printing but is not quite sure where to begin? Do you own a 3D printer but feel it has lost its novelty after a few prints? Then join us as we discuss ways to creatively use 3D print technology. We will discuss different types of programs as well as partnerships, 3D printing resources, and obstacles to avoid. Programs include 3D design and animation, cosplay design, robotics, and much more! Learn how to take that 3D printer off the shelf to become an important tool in your public programming.

Circulating STEM Kits for Youth: Getting to the ROOT of the Matter, HYATT Regency Orlando, Room Plaza BR H
Whether you don’t have a maker space or simply want to extend your STEM programming, circulating STEM kits are a great way to offer fun learning experiences to families. But they also present a challenge when it comes to selection, cataloging, and maintenance. Hear the what, why, and how of circulating STEM kit collections at various libraries, from conceptualizing and cataloging the collection to daily upkeep, and get hands-on experience with a variety of kits.

ERT Program: Celebrating Fandom: Building a Robust Graphic Novel Collection, Orange County Convention Center, Room W300
Collection Development Librarian Alicia Ahlvers, Henrico County Public Library will moderate a panel on how to build a robust graphic novel collection for your library. Topics that will be discussed are Age Appropriateness, Back Filling Missing Volumes, Trends in Graphic Novels, Manga and Gaming. Representatives from Kodansha Comics, DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics also be on the panel. Lots of Q & A time built into the program.

Geeky Programming on a Ramen Noodle Budget, Orange County Convention Center, Room S320 G-H
Do you shop at the Dollar Store to make your resources stretch? Do you repeat the same crafts for every program you do? Do you want to provide excellent programs for teens using the budget and resources you already have at your disposal? This program will give examples of how one library used a small budget and lots of creativity to provide geektastic programs-from monthly geeky fandom events to a library-wide ComicCon.

3-4:00 pm

Engaging Teens with Meaningful Volunteering Opportunities, Orange County Convention Center, Room W104
Are you looking for more to do with your teen volunteers than shelf reading and summer reading registration? Check out this session about our innovative teen summer volunteer program. We matches teenage participants interests to hands-on opportunities within the library and out in the community. From developing digital content to creating bi-lingual programming for the backstretch families at the race track, our teens are developing their 21st century skills, while giving back to the community.

This Is What a MakerSpace Looks Like: A Visual Perspective, Orange County Convention Center, Room W103A
After three years of qualitative research in library makerspaces one thing is clear, no maker learning space is the same as another. Some are fixed in a library space, while others are mobile. Some have an artistic theme, while others have a STEM or technology brand. One visited makerspace was integral to an entire high school, while many others were just getting started. Through photoethnography, librarian, student, and educator interviews, as well as researcher journaling, this presentation will focus on the variety of opportunities offered by makerspaces in libraries around the world as well as the challenges, successes, and practicalities that librarians face when offering these services in their libraries. School, public, and academic library makerspaces will be included in this session with a special emphasis on their integration, curricula, and projects. Participants will leave with an understanding that no two makerspaces are the same as well as many ideas for maker implementation and real world knowledge in how maker learning locations are being implemented in countries around the world.

4:30-5:30 pm

Bringing Books to Life: Live Action Gaming for Teens Through Collaborative Library Efforts, Orange County Convention Center, Room W104
The staff of the Curriculum Materials Center at the University of Central Florida have worked with various colleges, public libraries, and schools to bring books to life for teens in the Central Florida Region. A committee of students, faculty, staff, and community members work together to plan how to turn popular teen books into live action games. We have presented The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Camp Half Blood as live action games.


8:30-10 a.m.

Great Games and Gamification in Libraries, Orange County Convention Center, Room W206C
Six librarians will discuss ways they use games or gamification at their libraries. These lightning talks will showcase a variety of unique ways games and gamification can be used. Attendees will gain ideas to take back to their own libraries. One copy of the Games in Libraries: Essays on Using Play to Connect and Instruct book will be raffled away.

Tech in the Streets, Orange County Convention Center, Room W102A
Discover how outreach can be enhanced by bringing new technologies outside the walls of the library. 3D printers don’t have to remain at service desks, library cards can be made at Farmers markets, eReader training can happen in senior centers, and video editing can be done at skateparks. Find out how you can expand your technology offerings in the community through innovative service models.

You Did What? Programs for Diverse Teens, Orange County Convention Center, Room W104
Have you thought about creating dynamic programs to reach a diverse teen population in your school or public library, but did not know where to begin? This session is for you! Learn how to tap into student interests, arrange for guest speakers, plan for presentations, fund your programs, and, most importantly, get teens talking about their favorite books!

10:30 -11:30 am

Victorious Battle! Public Library’s Educational Value Delivered Through Original Librarian Created Book Battle Program, Orange County Convention Center, Room W104
The librarian created Book Battle program was used in China, Taiwan and Florida to deliver measurable educational value to public library services. The North Miami Beach Library embarked on a summer reading program that included Book Battle as part of their #StopTheSummerSlide campaign. Participants competed with other students at an international level with measurable results. Attendees will learn about the development, enactment, motivation and support received from parents/students, through video testimonials. This program became the highlight of the Library’s 2015 educational services. Participants received recognition before the City Council and skills were gained not lost!

1-2:30 pm

50+ Tech Tools in 90 Minutes, Orange County Convention Center, Room W109A
In this workshop participants will evaluate various 21st Century web tools that can be used in the school and in the classroom by administration, teachers, and students. Participants will be able to see each tool and hear about the uses of each tool. Some tools will be evaluated more than others. This program is practical–it is meant to be attended on one day and the tools can be implemented on the next day!

3-4:00 pm

Reading ReKindled: Where Technology and Book Clubs Come Together, Orange County Convention Center, Room W101A
Inspired by parent and teacher feedback that many boys were “reluctant readers”, two innovative media specialists joined forces to create irresistible book club programming with a little help from their tech toolbox. Although tech tools come and go, workshop participants are invited to learn programming strategies that will stand the test of time and that have resulted in a community of book club enthusiasts consisting of all genders and ages. Focusing on themes in conjunction with technology tools, book club facilitators will learn how to rejuvenate the reading experience as well as how to support others in creating consistently dynamic book clubs both within the library as well as the classroom. In addition to integrating free web 2.0 tools, workshop participants will discover how to take advantage of global reading events to generate excitement, implement creative marketing techniques to lure unlikely participants, and make meaningful author connections that will enhance the book club experience.


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