Teen Glow Party

Today we have a guest post from Nichole Thomas at Henderson Libraries. She’ll be talking about her glow party that she recently did.

When I took over doing the teen programs at my library a year ago, we had just revamped the way we do things.  Every other Saturday would be a program for the teens at noon and every month we started doing after hours programs.  Doing these things GREATLY increased our teen numbers at our branch. When I started researching what kind of after hours program I wanted to do for June, I of course went to Pinterest. I knew I wanted to do something really cool and different since it was the kick off to summer.  I ended up finding a post from another library about how they did glow painting with teens.  They used neon paint and black lights. So the Teen Glow Paint Party was born!

 IMG_1136 IMG_1139 IMG_1140

We have a local DJ that has helped out at previous teen events so I made sure to contact him and see if he wanted to be involved.  He is fantastic at what he does and loves the library, so he was in.  Thanks again Landon AKA “The Mash-up King”!  Here are the stations I had set up:

Food table-Chips, soda, neon cups, and cookies to decorate with neon frosting (this didn’t glow as much as I had hoped but it was still fun)

Playdoh table-I found glow in the dark Playdoh at Target

Painting tables-I bought small canvases on sale at Michael’s and neon paint.

Glow table-This had glow sticks and necklaces

Tattoo table-I found glow in the dark tattoos from Oriental Trading

We blew up about 50 neon balloons and these were probably the best part.  They glowed so much and the kids had a ball throwing them around.

IMG_1142 IMG_1143 IMG_1152

I ended up using about 10 black light bars and hung them on the wall with command strips. (These were essential because they didn’t take the paint off the walls).  They definitely needed to be hung up so that the light would project better around the whole room.  The max capacity of the room is 122 so hopefully that will give you an idea as to how big the room is.

IMG_1148 IMG_1154 IMG_1158

I had teen volunteers and 3 staff members come in to help. It did take quite some time to set up but the end result was worth it.  I had 40 teens and they all had a BLAST. I even got a thank you note from one *sniff*.

I will definitely be doing this program again.  I might re think how to do the paint portion though because it did get a little messy.  Luckily it was water based so it wasn’t too terrible. Now that I have the black lights (I borrowed some from other library branches in our district and purchased some myself) it will be even cheaper next year!


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