Teen Librarian Survey Results

Last month we posted a survey asking about how Teen Services worked in your area. Overall, we had 118 people respond; 115 from public libraries and 3 from public High Schools. We got responses from almost all 50 states with the top states being New York (12),  Ohio (10) California (7), Massachusetts (7), & Indiana (6). We also had 4 responses from Canada and 1 from the UK. Here are some of the results that we got; for most questions I will separate out the public vs school library answers.

Q1-3: Out of the 115 public library responses, 30 said that teen services was its own department with 19 of them having a Teen Services manager. Out of the 85 that said no, the responses fell into the following categories: 61 Youth Services, 18 Adult Services, & 7 other. “Other” included no departments, falling under both Adult and Youth, and Programming/Outreach.


Q4: How many people are considered Teen Services

Public LibrarySchool Library


Q5: Do you work more than one location?

Public LibrarySchool Library
Yes, I split my time at multiple locations71
Sort of, I work at one location but plan/support for others180


Q6: Do you split your time between Teen Services and another department?

Public lIbrarySchool Library
Yes, it’s an equal split151
Yes, but more time spent in Teen Services400
Yes, but more time spent in other department210


Q7: Is your department divided by grades or ages?

Public Library


Q8: Do you include 12 year olds or 6th graders?

Public Library

For those that fell into the other, the majority seemed to include 11 year olds/5th graders or tweens. There was one response that went at low as 4th grade!


Q9: If you go by ages, how do you handle 18/19 year olds who are still in High School?

The general consensus was that as long as the 18/19 year old was in high school, they were still welcome to participate in teen programs. Of course, many also noted that by that age they’ve already moved on/aren’t interested in what is being offering for teens.


Q10: Does Teen Services have it’s own budget line?

Public LibrariesSchool Libraries


Q11: How much say do you have in the Teen Services Budget?

As expected this one was pretty all over the board from no control/a budget is just given to some input to totally control. While they seemed pretty equally split, next time I’ll make this a multiple choice as to have exact division.


Q12: What is your current Teen Services programming budget?

Public Libraries
Less than 50013
500 – 9999
NA/I don’t know34

The highest amounts noted were a couple who had 4,000 – 5,000


Q13: Do you order the teen books?

Public LibrariesSchool Libraries
Yes, I am the sole decision maker633
Sort of, I can give suggestions to centralized purchasing300
Sort of, I only do replacements10
No, all ordering is done through centralized purchasing210


Q14: What is your current Teen Services book budget?

Public LibrariesSchool Libraries
1000 or under20
1000 – 5000192
5000 – 1000181
10,000 – 15,000120
15,000 – 20,00080
NA/I don’t know490


Q15: How many teen programs do you hold a year? What is the average attendance to teen programs?

Again, this one was all over the board and I’ll have to figure out how to make it more of a multiple choice in the future. However, the average seemed to be around 60 programs a month with an average attendance of 10 teens. There were some responses that do 150 – 300 a year! Whew!


Q16: Do you have a teen space?

Public LibrariesSchool Libraries


Q17: How much off desk time do you get a week?

Public LibrariesSchool Libraries
1 – 2 hours70
3 – 4 hours80
5 – 6 hours90
7 – 8 hours70
9 – 10 hours 110
11 – 12 hours61
13 – 14 hours80
15+ hours351
Never on desk100


Q18: What type of library are you?

I had a bigger break down that didn’t really work, but overall we had 115 from public libraries and 3 from public High Schools. In the future, I’ll need to find a better way to divide between small, medium, and large public libraries, but the division I got this time was 30, 57, & 26 respectively.


Q19: How many locations do you have?

Public LibrariesSchool Libraries
5 – 10231
11 – 1580


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